Eco Incontinence products have 6 month warranty for any manufacturing faults.  This does not include general wear and tear, miss-use, incorrect washing methods or products.  Please contact us as soon as you notice a problem.  If you notice something after 6 months, please also let us know and we will do our best to help.

Depending on the problem with your item, it will be either repaired or replaced.  Where possible we prefer to repair items as this option is best to reduce waste and provide the maximum use from each item.  If a faulty item is not something we can repair or is uneconomical for us to repair we will replace the item and encourage you to repair the item locally/yourself or continue using it.  Most faulty items will still have some kind of function/use, it may just be different to the original purpose.

Below are some tips for using old cloth nappies and accessories:

Old or faulty cloth nappies can be used for:

  • Short times, like just before shower time
  • Nappies with faulty/broken/old PUL can be used as swim nappies
  • They can be used for dolls & toys
  • Make a playmat or floor mat with the materials

Old/faulty wet bags can be used for:

  • Carrying clean spare clothes
  • Storing puzzle pieces and other small toy sets
  • Putting shoes and other items in when traveling
  • Dust covers for shoes in your closet

No longer used/needed breastfeeding pads can be used for:

  • Make up remover pads
  • Drink coasters
  • Reusable wipes for around the house
  • Cold compress for bumps (wet with cold water or freeze them)

There are so many other uses for our reusable products, before discarding an item have a think about how else it can be used in your house or what a friend or family member can do with it.


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