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We often get asked a lot of questions. So we thought we’d create this page as a quick reference for you. Of course, if you scroll through this FAQ page and discover that your question isn’t answered, then just contact us. We’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Is the environmental impact of Modern Cloth Nappies the same as disposables?

The greatest environmental impact that a Modern Cloth Nappy has occurs when you’re cleaning them. Detergent, water and energy is needed to wash, rinse and, in some cases, dry cloth nappies.  Although it might seem like a lot, the washing side of cloth nappies is still less resource heavy then the manufacturing and waste processing of the disposable nappies.But, you can reduce the environmental impact that a Modern Cloth Nappy has by:
  • Flushing any solid waste down the toilet.
  • Using the right amount of detergents.
  • Washing liners that have not been soiled with number 2’s, and then re-using these.
  • Adding other washing after the short wash, to bulk out the load.
  • Not using a fabric softener when washing.
  • Drying your Adult Modern Cloth nappies on a clothesline.
  • Using your Adult Modern Cloth Nappy until they can’t be used any more.  If your incontinence them is short term, pass the nappies onto someone else, they can be sanitized and safely used on others.
  • See more information on washing your adult cloth nappies here
Disposable nappies, on the other hand, are filled with chemical compounds and they are plastic so they are not bio-degradable. The solid waste that fills these nappies is often left in the nappy when it is thrown away. These nappies then go into land fill and contaminate soil as they take hundreds, possibly thousands of years to break down. So unfortunately there is no way for you to reduce the environmental impact of these nappies at all.Some extra reading on cloth vs disposables can be read here, although it’s baby nappy based the fundamentals on how each are produced and discarded are the same.

How many Adult Modern Cloth Nappies will I need?

The amount of Adult Modern Cloth Nappies you’ll need depends on the incontinence need of the wearer and how often they will be washed, dried and reset.  If you’re seeking to wash every 2nd day (ideal), then you should work having enough for 3 days.  So if currently there are 5 changes a day, 15 nappies will be a good amount.  This will give 5 ready for the day, 5 in the wash and 5 on the line drying.

If you don’t want to rush to bring them in off the line and re-stuff, then having some extras will be helpful.  You can’t have too many cloth nappies, more will mean spares for bad days or longer drying times during winter or rain seasons.


Do you offer discrete shipping?

Yes, our shipping is discrete.  Your order will arrive in a plain mailing satchel and the return address will only say Eco.  We take your privacy seriously and will always ensure your service from us is filled with care, compassion and privacy.  If there is anything special you would like us to do to help your parcel arrive just the way you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why are Adult Modern Cloth Nappies so expensive to buy in comparison to disposable nappies?

The initial cost of an Adult Modern Cloth Nappies can seem expensive, but this is typically a once off cost, with the durability of the cloth being able to service you for 1-3 years.  This long term reusable function will provide large savings.  Whereas disposable nappies are a continual weekly cost, until nappies are no longer needed. This can be many years for some adults, let’s do some math on this.

Eco Incontinence Adult Modern Cloth Nappies cost approximately $28 each. The average adult will need approx 5 nappies per day.  To allow for washing and drying 15 would be the base amount needed for a fully incontinent adult.

So it will cost $420 to purchase 15 adult cloth nappies.  These will last the average user 2 years (sometimes longer, depending on care and number of nappies in the weekly rotation).

Over 2-years, you will use approximately 3650 disposable nappies, at 5 nappies a day for 730-days. With adult disposables costing on average at 2.07c each this will cost you $7555.50 over the 2-years, or $10.35 per day.

Even if the need is for less adult nappy changes per day, the savings with adult modern cloth nappies will still be significant financially and environmentally.

You may be eligible for the Continence Aids Payment Scheme if you’re 5 years of age or older and have permanent and severe loss of bladder or bowel function. Click this link to check if this payment might apply to your needs.

Or your NDIS plan might cover these costs.  We are not registered yet, however we can supply an invoice if needed for your plan manager to process the payment.


Do cloth nappies need to be changed more often than disposables?

Possibly, it will depend on the age and incontinence level of the wearer.  While Eco Incontinence Cloth Nappies are absorbent, they have material inserts made from bamboo or microfiber, they can hold a lot. But they don’t hold quite as much moisture as a disposable nappy, which uses a chemical gel compound to absorb moisture.

It is highly recommended that you change nappies frequently, regardless of the type of nappy used.  This helps keep clean and fresh, but for you to also prevent nappy rash, which can be painful and irritating.  Nappy rash can occur at any age if nappies are left on for too long.  Enjoy the benefits of reusable cloth adult nappies and change more often and keep skin feeling fresh.  If you’re washing 4 nappies it’s easy to add in 1 or 2 more.

Are Modern Cloth Nappies harder to use than disposables?

Modern Cloth Nappies and disposables are very similar to use. Once you get into a routine it all becomes second nature.

Although adult cloth nappies are a little different to put on, but are easy once you get the hang of it.  The main differences are instead of you having to buy new nappies each week and filling up the rubbish as you do when using the disposables. You will simply put on a load of washing and reuse your clean Modern Cloth Nappies.  The amount of time spent putting them into the machine and hanging out, is less then driving to shops and getting more disposables.

Unlike to cloth nappy from the past, Modern Cloth Nappies DON’T require soaking, pins or need any complicated folding. Simply use a fresh, clean nappy, then knock any solids into the toilet, store the nappy in a basket or wet bag (when out), and then wash. Nothing fancy is needed, just a good washing detergent.  Just make sure you get plenty of water and enough detergent for the load and you’re set.

What is the absorbency like?

The absorbency of the cloth nappies and sanitary pads is quite variable and can be adjustable.  The sanitary pads come in different lengths and thickness suit different levels of incontinence.  The pads range from 50 – 100ml approx.  They suit the cough, sneeze type of leaks and can also be useful if you have urge incontinence and sometimes don’t make it to the toilet in time.  If you need enough absorbency to cover a full bladder leak the nappies are the better option.

The absorbency of the nappies is adjustable, you can add in up to 4 inserts inside the pocket.  Each insert absorbs from 450ml – 530ml, so each nappy can 1.5-2.1 L of fluid.  Most adults find using 1-2 microfiber inserts is enough during the day.  At night 1 microfiber and 2 bamboo inserts works well.

However there are some things that alter how much reusable products absorb.  How many times they have been washed and speed of liquid output are the main variants.  The nappies and pads will need a few washes to reach their best absorbency.

Can I pay through my NDIS Plan?

Yes we can arrange orders through NDIS plans, if there is a plan manager or it’s self managed we can arrange an invoice for payment.  To see more information about paying for incontinence consumables through an NDIS plan please click here

Where are Eco Incontinence Nappies Made?

Like most products and cloth nappies, our products are manufactured in China, this helps us to keep up with demand and keep the prices affordable.  We have visited the factories and we’re happy with conditions provided to the workers.  The factories that make our products also make several other big name brand cloth nappies in Australia, the US and UK.

We are a fully Australian Family Owned and operated business, we also stock many other products from other Australian businesses, some whom make their own products others that also manufacture overseas.  We operate and send from Cairns QLD.

eco factory visit

If you need any more information about Eco Incontinence Cloth Nappies or other products, simply contact us. We’re always happy to assist you to make a product selection or to answer any questions that you have.


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