Fitting and Sizing

Our Adult Modern Cloth Nappies are an adjustable fit and will suit a wide range of sizes.  From small children right through to adults.

Measuring between:
Waist – 60cm – 110cm
Hip/Thigh – 45cm to 84cm

If you need a size outside of these, please contact us and we can check the best option.  We do have the ability to add snaps in to change the sizes even further if needed.

Sizing Guide

Size Small Medium Large
Rise Snap Rockets Adult Nappy Small Join the top rise snap to the bottom to make the napper shorter. The nappy wings can overlap to create a smaller waist. Rockets Adult Nappy Medium Join the top rise snap to the middle row to make the napper shorter. Adjust the waist snaps to suit. Rockets Adult Nappy Large Leave the middle section of snaps open to have the nappy on the tallest setting. This will suit most adults or teenagers.

How to Fit a Modern Cloth Nappies

The most important fit on an Adult Cloth Nappy is the legs.  Place the nappy leg elastics in the groove where underwear would normally sit.  This will create an important seal that will reduce leaks. The waist just needs to be comfortable so it doesn’t fell as though the nappy is going to fall down.  At night it is important to ensure a snug fit also around the waist to help contain all liquids. You know the fit is good when the elastics are comfortably sitting around the legs and you can comfortably run your finger under it.  If there are deep red marks or gaps it’s not fitted correctly and may leak.  
Post - ReusableAdultClothNappy PrettyMermaids

Step 1 - Standing or laying flat

If you are putting the nappy on yourself, standing is the easiest option.  You can clip up the leg snaps to create an underwear style to the nappy.  You can then pull the nappy up into place.

If you are putting the nappy onto someone else, generally laying down is the easiest option. 

Start with the back of the nappy just above their bottom.  The wings should be sitting under the belly button.

Bring the nappy fabric over the front of the body.  Place the leg elasitics in the groove where underwear would sit.  Then gently pull the nappy front up around their waist and hip.  Clip up the bottom snap in a position that creates a good leg seal.  

Do the same on the other side.  Once the bottom leg snaps are secure, then secure the waist snaps to give a comfortable and secure fit.

Step 2 - Adjust the fit

When the nappy is on your hips, you can then adjust one side at a time to secure the fit.

Undo the leg and waist snaps on one side.  Move the leg elastics so they are sitting in the groove where underwear would sit.  Reconnect the snaps so the nappy is sitting comfortably in contact with the leg all the way around.

Then do the same on the other side.

Post - ReusableAdultClothNappy PrettyMermaids
Post - ReusableAdultClothNappy PrettyMermaids

Step 3 - Finish getting dressed

Once the nappy is securely and comfortably fitted.  You can now dress as you would normally.  These adult cloth nappies are quite discrete under most styles of clothing.

With a little practice they become quick and easy to take off and on when you need to change.

Fitting Cloth Sanitary Pads

Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pads are best worn with firm cotton underwear.  If worn with lose, old or flimsy fabric underwear the pad may move during wear.  Tights or firm fitting underwear work well especially at night if you toss and turn a lot during your sleep.

Place the pad on top of your underwear with the grey section facing up. 

Wrap the wings around your underwear and join the clips together undneath.

Pull up your underwear and adjust the pad if needed so it sits in a comfortable position.

Firmly push the pad up against your body to ensure it is sitting close to your body and securely in place.

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