White Adult Cloth Diaper

Reusable and washable waterproof cloth diaper



Our White Adult Cloth Diaper will also suit teenagers or older children.

Adults or special needs children can be in nappies longer than babies.  Using cloth nappies will help to save thousands of dollars and greatly reduce the environmental impact.  These easy to use nappies don’t require any special skills in folding, no bleach or soaking required.  Machine wash, line dry and reuse, it’s as simple as that.

Waterproof soft reusable cloth diaper to fit adults, teens or older children.  Adjustable waist and rise snaps to suit a waist measurement between 60cm – 110cm and a hip/thigh measurement from 45cm to 84cm.

Outer fabric is waterproof PUL and the inner fabric is soft microfleece stay dry fabric.  Moisture is absorbed into the insert inside the nappy leaving skin dry and fresh.

Included insert has 4 layers of super absorbent microfibre terry.  The inserts is removed for a better wash and quicker drying times.  Extra inserts can also be added to increase absorbency.

You may be eligible for the Continence Aids Payment Scheme if you’re 5 years of age or older and have permanent and severe loss of bladder or bowel function. Click this link to check if this payment might apply to your needs.

How to use

Adjust rise snap to suit required size.
Place insert inside nappy pocket.
Fit nappy onto user, doing the hip leg snap first then adjust waist to suit.
Tip solids into toilet and rinse.  Then store in bucket or wet bag without water (no soaking needed).
Cold wash with no bleach or fabric softener and line dry.


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