Microfiber Adult Nappy Inserts


Inserts for Adult Cloth Diapers

Inserts for Adult Cloth Diapers

Microfiber Inserts/Boosters for Adult Pocket Modern Cloth Diapers

Extra Microfiber Adult Nappy Inserts will be suit overnight use.  Or to have increased absorbency for heavy wetters. It’s easy to place 2 inserts into the generous pocket on our adult nappies.  Having extra Inserts available is great for cold and wet weather because drying takes longer.

On a good warm dry day the inserts can take 4-5 hours to dry.  But on a wet day they can take more than 6 hours inside under fan.

Made of 4 layers of ultra absorbent microfiber.  It’s more absorbent than regular flannel plus it dries much faster.  They are easy to use, wash and very soft.

This product can be used in most brands of Adult Pocket Modern Cloth Nappies.   ALWAYS place the insert inside the nappy pocket.  Microfiber draws moisture away and if against the skin it may cause irritation.

Benefits of microfiber

Microfiber absorbs quickly and dries quickly.  Many people can use the nappies with just 1 microfiber to comfortable last between changes.  Others will need 2 inserts inside the pocket for more absorbency and longer between changes.

Boosting absorbency

Microfiber Inserts can also be used with Bamboo inserts to increase absorbency even further.  Place both inserts inside the nappy pocket together to boost absorbency.  We recommend putting the microfiber closest to baby as it absorbs quicker.  The Bamboo insert will than hold onto moisture and help prevent leaks.

These inserts can be used in most brands of OSFM Pocket Modern Cloth Nappies.

It is recommend that microfiber inserts ALWAYS be placed inside the nappy pocket.  Because Microfiber draws moisture away and when against the skin it may cause irritation.

Each insert is 350GSM microfiber terry towel, 4 layers, the size is 20cm X 50cm, insert absorbs liquid fast.


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