Absorbent Removable Pad


6 Layer Super Absorbent Removable Pad

6 Layer Super Absorbent Removable Pad

Absorbent Removable Pad

This Absorbent Removable Pad is a super thirsty insert with 6 layers, 1x stay dry layer, 2x microfiber, 3x bamboo.  Use on top of a disposable nappy, cloth nappy or inside waterproof pants..

Place the stay dry fabric closest to the skin.  Behind the stay dry fabric is the fast absorbing microfiber, to help catch those quick wees.  Then there are 3 layers of bamboo terry to hold the liquid.

When using the inserts for overnight, some adults or children may also need extra absorbency behind this insert.  1 or 2 bamboo inserts inside an Adult Modern Cloth Nappy pocket will give the best results.  Or use on top of a disposable nappy to increase the absorbency.

Measuring approx. 13cm wide and 27cm long, it will fit centered inside most underwear, modern cloth nappies or disposable nappies.

Night Booster Insert Tip

If using this Absorbent Removable Pad for overnight, place the pad on top of a nappy (cloth or disposable).  Then ensure the elastics around the legs are still in contact with the skin all the way around.  A gap around the legs will cause leaks.
If you have leg gaps with this insert on top of the nappy you can try putting it inside the pocket or take out an insert from the pocket.


It is very important to wash overnight cloth nappies and/or absorbent materials  first thing in the morning.   Overnight urine is very concentrated and will damage the fabric if not properly washed soon enough.  The easiest option is to throw this pad into the machine, even if it’s the only thing in there.  Run it through a short 30 min wash on warm or hot (up to 60 degrees) with a small amount of detergent.

It will need another long wash after the short wash.  This can be done later if needed, you can take the insert out of the machine and put it aside until you have enough items for a full load.  The insert can be washed with the regular washing after the short wash.  This absorbent pad can go into the dryer if needed.  Because it can absorb a lot, it will take longer to dry then some other inserts.
You can see more information about washing cloth nappies here


Wash at least 1-2 times before use.  It may take up to 6-8 washes/uses to reach is best absorbency. Change earlier if using the pad before it’s reached the best absorbency, an early change may be needed or back it up with other absorbent layers.

Please note:

The inserts will need 6-8 washed to reach their peak absorbency.  They can be used before reaching the peak, baby will just need to be changed a little more frequently.  We recommend Inserts are washed at least 1-2 times before the first use.

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